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Scientific Program

The complete 14-ICML Scientific Program (as of May 15th) is available here. 

Detailed program of the parallel sessions organized by independent scientific associations and foundations can be downloaded here.   

Satellite Symposia's complete schedule can be downloaded here

You can download here the list of all abstracts accepted for oral and poster presentation and inclusion in the Online Abstract Book, which will be available as of Wednesday, June 07 (18:00 CET).

Key Note Lectures 
- Henry Kaplan Memorial Lecture and ICML prize 
Immunotherapy comes of age to treat lymphomas 
Ronald Levy, Stanford, CA (USA) 
- Gianni Bonadonna Memorial Lecture (sponsored by American Association for Cancer Research) 
Genetic signatures and targetable pathways in lymphoid malignancies 
Margaret A. Shipp, Boston, MA (USA) 
- John Ultmann Memorial Lecture (sponsored by European School of Oncology) 
Genomes in transit: what multi-omics can tell us on lymphomas 
Rein Siebert, Kiel (Germany) 

14-ICML Highlights 
Take home messages 
J.W. Friedberg, Rochester, NY (USA) 

Based on the abstracts received and accepted for oral presentation, 12 regular oral sessions will be devoted to either specific subtypes of lymphoid neoplasia or to the presentation of laboratory and clinical research data grouped around a biologic topic, as follow:
Lymphoma Biology, Primary Mediastinal B-Cell Lymphoma, Hodgkin Lymphoma, Targeting the BCR Pathways, T-Cell Lymphomas, Lymphoma Genomics, Advances in CLL, Follicular Lymphoma, Aggressive Lymphomas, Immunotherapies, Mantle Cell Lymphoma and Marginal Zone Lymphoma.

“Focus on...” are parallel oral sessions highlighting abstracts of scientific value but not selected for oral presentation during the general sessions. These sessions will be run in parallel and each will be focused on a particular topic:
Classical Therapies For Follicular Lymphoma, PET/CT: Visual Assessment And Beyond, Clinico-Pathological Correlations, Novel Anti-Lymphoma Drugs, Chemotherapy-Free Combinations
on Wednesday,
Targeting CD30 in Hodgkin Lymphoma, Novel Anti-Lymphoma Strategies, Clinico-Genetic Risk Models, Ongoing Trials, Lymphoma in the Elderly
on Thursday.
The one-hour sessions will consist of six presentations of 10 minutes each, including discussion.

Clinical discussion sessions have presenters of outstanding centers addressing cases which are not trivial nor very rare, but rather situations commonly encountered but the solution of which remains controversial. The 2013 and 2015 format (a sort of a US vs. Europe debate, with Mayo Clinic vs Lysa in 2013 and New York centers vs FIL in 2015) was very well received and in 2017 again the following Californian vs German experts will be discussing:

HODGKIN LYMPHOMA - Chair: C. Moskowitz, New York, NY (USA)
Discussants: R.H. Advani, Stanford vs P. Borchmann, Cologne
T-CELL LYMPHOMAS - Chair: J.M. Vose, Omaha, NE (USA)
Discussants: L.C. Pinter-Brown, Orange vs G. Wulf, Goettingen
PEDIATRIC AND ADOLESCENT LYMPHOMAS - Chair: W. Wössmann, Giessen (Germany)
Discussants: C. Bollard, Washington, DC vs B. Burkhardt, Muenster
RADIOTHERAPY FOR LYMPHOMAS - Chair: L. Specht, Copenhagen (Denmark)
Discussants: R.T. Hoppe, Stanford vs G. Mikhaeel, London (UK)
on Thursday, June 16th, from 9 to 10:30;

AGGRESSIVE LYMPHOMA - Chair: S. Le Gouill, Nantes (France)
Discussants: S. De Vos, Santa Monica vs G. Lenz, Muenster
INDOLENT LYMPHOMA - Chair: A. Lopez-Guillermo, Barcelona (Spain)
Discussants: T. Kipps, San Diego vs M. Dreyling, Munich
CLL - Chair: J.G. Gribben, London (UK)
Discussants: S.M. O’Brien, Orange vs S. Stilgenbauer, Ulm
DIFFICULT PATHOLOGICAL CASES - Chair: M. Ghielmini, Bellinzona (Switzerland)
Presenters: E. Campo, Barcelona (Spain), S. Dirnhofer, Basel (Switzerland),
L. Quintanilla-Martinez, Tuebingen (Germany)
Discussants: S.T. Rosen, Duarte vs U. Dührsen, Essen
on Friday, June 16th, from 9 to 10:30.

Educational symposia (parallel sessions on Wednesday, June 14th, from 10:30 to 12:00):

“Immunotherapy in Lymphomas” 

F. Caligaris-Cappio, Milan (Italy)
Car T-Cells: D.G. Maloney, Seattle, WA (USA)
Checkpoint Inhibitors: S.M. Ansell, Rochester, MN (USA)

“Aggressive Lymphomas”

Molecular Genetics of Aggressive B-Cell Lymphomas: 
R. Dalla-Favera, New York, NY (USA)
Pathology and Classification of Aggressive Mature B-Cell Lymphomas: E. Campo, Barcelona (Spain)
Treatment of Aggressive B-Cell Lymphomas: S.M. Smith, Chicago, IL (USA)

Meet the Professor Sessions:

1.    The Costs of Care in Haematological Cancers: Health Economic Issues

       M.F. Fey, Bern (Switzerland)

2.    Chemotherapy-Free Treatment of Indolent Lymphomas

       J.W. Friedberg, Rochester, NY (USA)

3.    The Role of Stem Cell Transplant for Lymphoma in 2017

       J.G. Gribben, London (UK)

4.    Role and timing of new drugs in CLL

       M. Hallek, Cologne (Germany)

5.    Response-adapted therapy in Hodgkin Lymphoma

       P.W.M. Johnson, Southampton (UK)

6.    The 2016 Updated WHO Classification of Lymphoid Neoplasias

       L. Quintanilla-Martinez, Tuebingen (Germany)

7.    The multiple facets of Marginal Zone Lymphomas
M. Raderer, Vienna (Austria)

8.    Management of Aggressive Lymphomas in Very Elderly Patients

       C. Thieblemont, Paris (France)

9.    Disease-oriented treatment of T-cell lymphomas

       K. Tobinai, Tokyo (Japan)

10.  Late sequelae in lymphoma survivors

       F. Van Leeuwen, Amsterdam (Netherlands)

11.  Clinical applications of genome studies

       A. Younes, New York, NY (USA)

12.  ALCL and PTCL: What Can Pediatric and Adult Oncologists Learn from Each Other?
       L. Brugières, Villejuif (France) and F. D'Amore, Aarhus (Denmark)

Special sessions devoted to radiotherapy are organized in collaboration with ILROG (International Lymphoma Radiation Oncology Group).
The following two workshops, open to all 14-ICML attendees, will take place:
Novel Issues in the Combined Modality Treatment of Lymphomas
Co-chairs: M.K. Gospodarowicz, Toronto (Canada) and L. Specht, Copenhagen (Denmark)
on Tuesday, June 13th, from 15:00 to 17:30 (Aula Magna, Lugano University)
Contemporary Lymphoma Treatment: Radiation Therapy Issues - Co-chairs: M.K. Gospodarowicz, Toronto (Canada) and J. Yahalom, New York, NY (USA)
on Thursday, June 15th, from 13:15 to 16:45 (Auditorium, Lugano University).

A special session on “Contouring in Modern Lymphoma Radiotherapy Planning” will be held on Saturday June 17, 08:00 – 10:30, for max. 30 lymphoma radiation oncologists (pre-registration at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is necessary).

On Tuesday, June 13th (from h 12 to 21), Wednesday, June 14th, Thursday, June 15th (from h 19 to 21) and Friday, June 16th (from h 18:30 to 20:45), 14-ICML sponsors organize Satellite Symposia open to all attendees.


The Kaplan Lecture is a recognition of a lifetime achievement, for outstanding accomplishments in the field of lymphoma study and cure. It has previously been conferred to:
1984: R. Gallo, Bethesda, MD (USA)
1987: G. Köhler †, Freiburg (Germany)
1990: V. De Vita, New York, NY (USA)
1993: G. Bonadonna †, Milan (Italy)
1996: S.A. Rosenberg, Stanford, CA (USA) and J.O. Armitage, Omaha, NE (USA)
1999: P.G. Isaacson, London (UK)
2002: V. Diehl, Cologne (Germany)
2005: G.P. Canellos, Boston, MA (USA)
2008: B. Coiffier, Pierre Bénite (France)
2011: R. Dalla-Favera, New York, NY (USA)
2013: F. Cavalli, Bellinzona (Switzerland)
2015: L.M. Staudt, Bethesda, MD (USA)